GAPP is South Africa’s First Global Think‑Tank.

Our Aim

GAPP is a Think-Tank on Government and Public Policy in South Africa.
Unlike an academic or a research institute, a think-tank is primarily devoted to making and winning arguments in the public domain.
GAPP will work to win the argument that building autonomous and professional administrations is vital to the long-term development of the country.

Latest Articles

The ANC years: Democracy suffers when there’s a disconnect between the head and the body

For the first time in South Africa’s democratic history, the number of registered voters who did not cast their ballot exceeded those who did. The performance of the ANC in government played a major role in this disenchantment.

How An Anti-Corruption Crusader Invented An Algorithm To Predict Organizational Risk

South Africa went through what current president Cyril Ramaphosa depressingly called “nine wasted years” under his predecessor Jacob Zuma, who finally went on trial this week for corruption stemming from a 2007 charge.

Think-tank director relates the ‘untold story’ that led to State Capture

The story of State Capture in South Africa goes far deeper than corruption, says Ivor Chipkin, leading scholar and director of the Government and Public Policy think-tank.

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