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NDP doc on eco requires a ‘capable state’, ‘common political purpose’ and ‘high ethical stds’ in public life. It simply assumes everything that has resulted in failure in the past - substituting fantasy for policy-making ⁦@ferialhaffajee⁩ ⁦@politicsblahbla⁩ ⁦

#ProfessionalisingPublicService @MiriamAltman @anthonybut @ferialhaffajee @TaniaAjam Following the landmark conference on 25 Years of Local Government, GAPP is excited to announce a major retrospective on the South African Public Service in 2021. More details to follow soon.

@DrZweliMkhize says the second wave of Covid-19 is worse than the first. He declares vaccine acquisition “urgent”. (New messaging). Healthcare workers and most vulnerable comes first. #VaccineStrategy

In essence: No vaccine coming. No plans we can disclose. Be angry instead SA at the temerity of rich countries who, looking out for their pops, bought up stocks of vaccines. Schoub: The Covid-19 vaccine and the danger of creating false expectations

L'UNICEF nourrit pour la première fois des enfants au Royaume-Uni, 5e pays le plus riche au monde. Avec la pandémie, les inégalités se creusent et 3 enfants sur 10 se retrouvent en insécurité alimentaire. Du jamais vu dans l'histoire de l'agence de l'ONU.

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