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Constitutional Court Review Conference starting today. Ivor Chipkin in discussion with Cora Hoexter and Sandra Liebenberg at 14:00 today. @SAIFAC_UJ @KAS_SouthAfrica

Join Ivor Chipkin from GAPP/ SafePassage and Himanshu Burte at the Indian Institute of technology for a discussion on new methodologies for policy-making. ⁦@busani_ngcaweni⁩ ⁦@anthonybut⁩ ⁦@palilj01⁩ ⁦⁦@GJFras⁩

Ivor Chipkin from GAPP and Himanshu Burte from the Indian Institute of Technology discuss methodological developments in policy making. ⁦@anthonybut⁩ ⁦@palilj01⁩ ⁦⁦@palesa_morudu⁩ ⁦@leiterafaelo⁩

A very big thank-you to everyone who joined today's webinar on the Paradox of Government. Thank-you to Rafael Leite and to Busani Ngcaweni for engaging in the spirit of genuine debate. This afternoon, a public domain in public policy opened. @leiterafaelo @busani_ngcaweni

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