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The Fix | State Capture corruption amnesty

Thuli Madonsela suggests an amnesty can help to clean up corruption.

Let a thousand citizen blossoms bloom – kickstarting and policing the SA economy

Public servants and officials are the heart of the black middle class and, outside the large metros, provincial government employees, councillors and local government officials are the black middle class, full stop.
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Renaissance Reborn: The Thabo Mbeki School And The Transformation of Africa, By Toyin Falola

Earlier in the outgoing month, it was the commissioning of the Pan-African Heritage World Museum right in the heart of the bastion of Pan-Africanism in Africa, Accra-Ghana, that rekindled the hope of a transforming Africa.
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Corruption Scorecard | State Capture Part 2

It's been over two years since the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture kicked off. Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo and his team are investigating a series of allegations of corruption in the organs of state. Thulasizwe speaks to former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, a researcher from Public Affairs Research Institute Ivor Chipkin, and journalist...
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The Burning Platform: Separate State & Administration

South Africa is now joining the global north in terms of unlocking its economy and society entirely, citizens are concerned about the tracking and that isn’t going away. What is the biggest obstacle in unlocking efficient government in South Africa? Listen to the interview with Gareth Cliff
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Economic Crisis & Renewal: The paradox of government in South Africa

The failure of South Africa to turn policy into practice is a stumbling block to economic recovery. And the continued failure to acknowledge various paradoxes within government is potentially disastrous, especially when there are calls to spend even more money through dysfunctional organisations.
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We must develop governance game-changers for a post-Covid- 19, post-Zuma recovery

The systemic governance dysfunctions inherent in embedded State Capture were not swept aside by the departure of former president Jacob Zuma, nor did the damage suddenly disappear.
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When Black Lives Matter

What the ‘black’ man has survived in the hands of his light skinned counterpart has been ‘mildly’ described as ‘prejudice,’ racial prejudice.
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Planning for the Government we have rather than the one we wished we had

The High Court has just ruled that some regulations concerning level 4 and 3 are unconstitutional and many are irrational.
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Covid 19: Opposition to the Centre of Government and what it would take for it to hold.

In unprecedented times history is paradoxically a resource. It is in the past that we find examples of how exceptional events were handled.
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