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GAPP study suggests that ongoing violent instability is due to ANC internal tensions

A study by the Government and Public Policy think tank says that South Africa has entered a phase of ongoing, violent instability as a result of what it calls, ANC internal ‘tensions’. It says that these tensions have been a cause of instability in the country since 2009.

Protest and Power: South Africa’s Putin Moment

South Africa’s Putin moment: a webinar hosted by Ferial Haffajee at the Daily Maverick with Ivor Chipkin and Jakkie Cilliers on the ‘Dangerous Elites’ report.
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Newzroom Afrika The Pulse I GAPP study suggests that ongoing violent instability is due to ANC internal tensions

A study by the Government and Public Policy think tank says that South Africa has entered a phase of ongoing, violent instability as a result of what it calls, ANC internal ‘tensions’.
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The ANC years: Democracy suffers when there’s a disconnect between the head and the body

For the first time in South Africa’s democratic history, the number of registered voters who did not cast their ballot exceeded those who did. The performance of the ANC in government played a major role in this disenchantment.
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How An Anti-Corruption Crusader Invented An Algorithm To Predict Organizational Risk

South Africa went through what current president Cyril Ramaphosa depressingly called “nine wasted years” under his predecessor Jacob Zuma, who finally went on trial this week for corruption stemming from a 2007 charge.
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Think-tank director relates the ‘untold story’ that led to State Capture

The story of State Capture in South Africa goes far deeper than corruption, says Ivor Chipkin, leading scholar and director of the Government and Public Policy think-tank.
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Will President Ramaphosa be ready to stand up to the ANC’s Ramaphosa?

Ivor Chipkin writes that corruption in Government has happened because the ANC reproduced aspects of the homeland system and spread it across the state.
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Ramaphosa must now make good on his public service reform promise

President Cyril Ramaphosa has made public service reform a litmus test of his presidency. Shortly after he was elected to office, in February 2018, he insisted that creating a capable and ethical state — free from corruption — was one of his prime concerns.
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What is at stake in government reform? Nothing less than holding the country together

It is easy to underestimate the importance of a capable state. Without a public sector that works, there can be no resolution to the everyday challenges of government:
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Dienslewering word op die altaar van ‘billikheid’ geoffer

Kimi Makwetu se laaste verslag as ouditeur-generaal voordat hy oorlede is, het ’n paar munisipaliteite geïdentifiseer wie se sake ‘’n goeie storie van gedissiplineerde besteding vertel, wat waarde vir geld behaal’.
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Why challenge by Zuma’s advocate could checkmate Zondo inquiry

Advocate Muzi Sikhakhane’s critique indicates an unresolved vacillation at the heart of hearings
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Life in a time of global civil war: In conversation with Pankaj Mishra

This conversation with the Indian-born essayist, novelist and historian Pankaj Mishra, took place before the US elections.
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The Fix | State Capture corruption amnesty

Thuli Madonsela suggests an amnesty can help to clean up corruption.
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Let a thousand citizen blossoms bloom – kickstarting and policing the SA economy

Public servants and officials are the heart of the black middle class and, outside the large metros, provincial government employees, councillors and local government officials are the black middle class, full stop.
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Renaissance Reborn: The Thabo Mbeki School And The Transformation of Africa, By Toyin Falola

Earlier in the outgoing month, it was the commissioning of the Pan-African Heritage World Museum right in the heart of the bastion of Pan-Africanism in Africa, Accra-Ghana, that rekindled the hope of a transforming Africa.
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Corruption Scorecard | State Capture Part 2

It's been over two years since the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture kicked off. Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo and his team are investigating a series of allegations of corruption in the organs of state. Thulasizwe speaks to former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, a researcher from Public Affairs Research Institute Ivor Chipkin, and journalist...
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The Burning Platform: Separate State & Administration

South Africa is now joining the global north in terms of unlocking its economy and society entirely, citizens are concerned about the tracking and that isn’t going away. What is the biggest obstacle in unlocking efficient government in South Africa? Listen to the interview with Gareth Cliff
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Economic Crisis & Renewal: The paradox of government in South Africa

The failure of South Africa to turn policy into practice is a stumbling block to economic recovery. And the continued failure to acknowledge various paradoxes within government is potentially disastrous, especially when there are calls to spend even more money through dysfunctional organisations.
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