GAPP is South Africa’s First Global Think‑Tank.

Ctrl Alt Del: Resetting Government

Resetting government is an initiative convened by the Government and Public Policy (GAPP) Foundation to provide practical and feasible solutions to urgent governance questions.

Our Aim

GAPP is a Think-Tank on Government and Public Policy in South Africa.
Unlike an academic or a research institute, a think-tank is primarily devoted to making and winning arguments in the public domain.
GAPP will work to win the argument that building autonomous and professional administrations is vital to the long-term development of the country.

Latest Articles


The Burning Platform: Separate State & Administration

South Africa is now joining the global north in terms of unlocking its economy and society entirely, citizens are concerned about the tracking and that isn’t going away. What is the biggest obstacle in unlocking efficient government in South Africa? Listen to the interview with Gareth Cliff

We must develop governance game-changers for a post-Covid- 19, post-Zuma recovery

The systemic governance dysfunctions inherent in embedded State Capture were not swept aside by the departure of former president Jacob Zuma, nor did the damage suddenly disappear.

When Black Lives Matter

What the ‘black’ man has survived in the hands of his light skinned counterpart has been ‘mildly’ described as ‘prejudice,’ racial prejudice.

Planning for the Government we have rather than the one we wished we had

The High Court has just ruled that some regulations concerning level 4 and 3 are unconstitutional and many are irrational.

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