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GAPP is a Think‑Tank on Government and Public Policy in South Africa.

What is the Future of Government in South Africa?

Join some of the leading scholars on government and public administration, officials and former officials to reflect on the recent experience of government in South Africa.

Help Develop a New Agenda for Reform


by Ivor Chipkin

Defining ‘State Capture’ in South Africa: Democracy, Bureaucratic Autonomy and Elite Populism

This paper argues that South Africa suffered a major democratic reversal after the election of Jacob Zuma as President of the country in 2009 and especially from 2012 when the project of Radical Economic Transformation was pursued with vigor in State Owned Companies. […]


GAPP is a Think-Tank on Government and Public Policy in South Africa. Unlike an academic or a research institute, a think-tank is primarily devoted to making and winning arguments in the public domain.

GAPP will work to win the argument that building autonomous and professional administrations is vital to the long-term development of the country.